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About Us

Welcome to GoBudgetAir

GoBudgetAir.com is an online booking and marketplace platform.

  • to find the best deals on Life style products within your Budget in Asia.
  • to help you to pre-define your travel budget without compromising any must do things in your holiday.


Local merchants can post their products and services in the marketplace, GoBudgetAir.com will promote them in various online channels and sell them as vouchers in Singapore and overseas countries for inbound tourists. 

Merchants from other countries can post their products and services on the same marketplace for Singaporeans to buy them as vouchers when they travel out for a well-planned budgeted trip.

GoBudgetAir.com is also selling instant eTcikets for Air, Hotels, Attractions, Transfers, Bus and Ferry etc.

GoBudgetAir.com is founded by a team of Travel Professionals who have more than 30 years of experience in Travel Industry and with strong background in Online Business. The team has developed many online Travel portals and identified the major setbacks of Online Travel Business and challenges faced by the travelers.

GoBudgetAir.com Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company (201438477G) and has a valid Travel Agency License Number : TA03515 issued by Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Understanding Market Problems


1.In Life Style & Travel:

  • Unable to live within the means of Income without compromising the enjoyable things in life. (Falling short of monthly budget to enjoy the basic needs of life).
  • Unable to Travel within a Fixed Budget without compromising any must to do items during a Holiday. (Exceeding my Travel budget due to unexpected food, entertainment & shopping bills and end up receiving a BIG credit card bill).


Why does the problem exist?

  • Inflation is unavoidable.
  • Basic lifestyle of people cannot be compromised. Most of the people cannot match their earnings with Inflation.
  • There is no single source of information for the people to find the best budget deals suitable for their life style.
  • People are unable to understand the cost of living at the country of travel. People tend to think that Air Ticket and Hotels are the most expensive factors when they plan for a holiday, but in actual fact, other items like FOOD, ACTIVITIES, ENTERTAINMENT, SPA & BEAUTY, SHOPPING are the killers for their budget.



  • There should be ONE who can consolidate all the BEST available offers for domestic people & inbound travelers, so that all needs of domestic people and travelers can live and enjoy without exceeding on their Budgets.
  • We would like to be that ‘ONE CONSOLIDATOR’.


2. Air Tickets:

  • Hidden charges like Reservation Fee, Convenience Fee, Transaction Fee, Service Fee and Inflated Credit Card Fee etc
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Processing Fee
  • Airlines go through various channels to reach passengers
  • Passengers cannot gain access to direct content of all Airlines
  • Airlines cannot reach the passengers with unsold seats instead of flying with empty seats.

Our Strength:

  • A One stop solution to book for all Airlines (Full board & Budget Airlines).
  • Direct Access to Airlines to fetch the Best Fares.
  • Direct Access to Multiple Hotel Aggregators, Insurance Partners, and Car Rentals.
  • Offer better discounts to Passengers from the commission received from Airlines.
  • LoadFactor100: is an Intelligent Monitoring System deployed at Airlines Host to access the unsold seats at cheaper price and distribute to passengers through Social Media channels, email marketing & SMS marketing etc.
  • Pre-paid Credit: Friends can top-up their account in advance, use the credit to pay for booking and print eTicket. Such bookings can be given more discounts.
  • Mini Group Fares: Special deals can be offered to a mini group of 5 passengers. Passengers will try to form their own group in order to enjoy the best deals, they will also promote such deals through their social media channels.
  • Friends Points: Loyalty Rewards to Passengers.



  • Expose your Business to $5 Billion (2025) Singapore’s ecommerce market @ Free of Cost.
  • We work on win-win model, you pay us a commission only when your products sold.
  • Serve new customers every minute & convert them as your regular customers.
  • Advertise your products and services with us, we shall promote to more than few Million customers.

Competitive Advantage

  • Today there is no such great combinaiton of booking and marketplace exist together in the market.
  • GoBudgetAir.com is a one stop content aggregator for life style services & products in Asia, which are distributed to our B2C & B2B channel partners through XML API around the world. The merchants gain the global exposure without spending a dollar upfront.
  • GoBudgetAir.com’s marketplace enable the travelers gain the complete control on their budget during planning and while on the road.
  • It is the only marketplace that make Suppliers & Consumers benefit mutually at no extra cost.
  • As member, you will be able to save around 4% of your trip cost which is the Credit Card Payment Gateway Charges.
    • How can you SAVE 4%?
    • Pre-Paid Credit

    • You can top-up your FriendsClub account by depositing an estimated booking amount into our Bank Account

  • Sign up Bonus : S$10
  • Member Special Fares
  • FriendsClub Discounts & Rewards
  • Discount on Travel Insurance Policy